Hell or Heaven, Cinema Can be Alive and Driven!

Remember, we used to be excited about the film trailers, posters, its music, songs and the release date. We used to check up on the news, ‘filmy’ channels, articles on the newspaper and those paper-cut small-size posters. And we were not filmy or filmmakers or working in any film medium. We were regulars who had their daily jobs, schools, colleges, daily routines to keep up and friends over the call or besties for a lifetime and played filmy games on a train journey. We had innocence.

Where did we lose all of that?

I mean I am like that since my childhood and I still do all of that. But forget about me, I am a filmmaker now. But seriously, where did we lose all of that enthusiasm?

Now, you are going to be an intelligent one and drag yourself for clear mind-mapping and analysis to find the logical answer, you would probably come up with two or three best answers that include Internet boom, the increase in the number of films and people’s busy life. But what if I say you are wrong.

When was the last time any film trailer tickles you? – Can’t remember? When that movie came? Probably a long time ago? A hard pass!

To be very clear, I am not sprinkling the 90s vibes here.

And yes, all the intelligent ones – you are probably right. But I am not actually looking for answers. I want to search that enthusiasm, pull it all the way up to our faces and light you up.

How do I (or we) do that?

For Filmmaker

I have friends who are doing a small or big role in some web-series, short films or feature films. Every now and then, I find messages in my LinkedIn inbox asking for a role (funny, because I am not even a semi-established filmmaker). There are a plethora of short films, feature films and web-series for EROS NOW, Prime, Netflix, ALT Balaji or many such streaming sites & apps which bring lots of filmmakers on the board. The number is so high that we have to introduce the term – ‘Serious Filmmaker’.

Everyone wants to become a filmmaker, everyone has a story and everyone is ‘inspired’. What they lack is the passion for the craft. You can identify it through their work (poster, trailer, date announcements and the film itself). Those are either too business-oriented or the tricks which worked before and they really want to grab the audience attention.

If you are a filmmaker then, first of all, find out why you want to become a filmmaker. And if you can hear your calling then watch films, understand its craft, read articles, watch videos, go along with your friends to shoot, make mistakes, turn to grab a sandwich while debating over the scene you’ve watched in a sleepover, make another film, create posters, edit trailers and release it by tagging your bunch of foolish friends. Trust me, no matter how bad that film would be, people can see the passion in it. Also, do not be too artsy about it that means it’s not a sacred process but a collective effort. Try all the genres.

For Audience

You do not have to do anything. You have your mobile, movie ticket passes, streaming sites account – watch anything you like, watch with your friends, lovers or family. Do not let the intellectual fools decide what you should watch. Do not analyze while watching, let it fill in you then later you make your opinion. Laugh, wonder, be confused, be angry, be sad or cry during the watch (Entertainment is not just comedy). Enjoy or hate the film. Say – I loved the film without fear. Say – I hated the film without fear. Try all genres.

Together, we can make cinema alive!

Keep Making Films Keep Watching Movies Keep Reading Keep Humming

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