The Age of Cynicism in Love

“What else gusts for the smallest plums of Monsoon? The wind is indifferent and has a clause for each unannounced stop. You are drained of the lackluster smile, yet there might be a raindrop you must crave for.”

There is a 90-98% chance that you may not find it despite the fact that you (desperately or not) wish for it. Because you do not believe that it exists. You are skeptical; you are knowledgeable; you are independent; you see everything on one fingertip; you teach yourself every day how bad this world is; you consume everything that happens in the name of love; you unknowingly falls for nihilism; you go through a bad relationship and you spot breakup and divorce everywhere; you understand what’s right and what’s wrong; you have opinions; you are connected to the universe somehow; you are logical; you can identify your flaws; you take matters seriously; you hysterically laugh at this upside-down world and everyday memes; and yes, you share pictures, messages and ‘remember this’ but, not your trust.

Don’t toss it out with a smirk when I say that in your heart, you are actually afraid.

And yet, you are glued to your favourite playlists all day; you talk (or think) about how perfect it was in that film, book or series (it happens only in films); in fact, you write online about its beauty and magical effect on a human life but how rare it is in the real world – instant gratifications; you believe that cats and dogs (not the phrase) understand it better than humans; and when someone opens up to us, you close yourself or sneak out without a notice.

But hey, you are not doomed, yet. You have to believe that love exists; love happens in real life when you let it; love can flow through your nerves like you feel your favourite song; love can create a cinematic grandeur when the universe demands; love asks you to be a free thinker, a loner but not lonely and an honest human; love wants you to be hysterical (amusingly true); and the best part is that love doesn’t hinder your everyday learning of this growing world in your own way.

Keep Reading Keep Humming Keep Believing In You and the People.

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