Creaks between Two Souls, Falling Out of Love

The heading is too depressing to go ahead and read the next line, isn’t it?

Long back almost 4 years back, someone once mentioned in an email that a conversation should not be forced; in order to build a relationship, the communication must be seamless and requires no effort whatsoever.

Then I grew older and began to believe that, for a relationship to build stronger, you need a lot of work. You have to go out of your way to understand each other. You don’t need a connection; you need trust and the capability to listen and reciprocate with your knowledge and experience. As your understanding of togetherness becomes dynamic and rich, your bond grows stronger that helps you and your partner to live as long as you wish to.

Here, listening doesn’t mean hearing only; it combines body language, emotional state, habits and touch.

What if, we stop listening?

I believe we hear a squeaking sound that grows louder and louder and we miss all the red flags until it actually breaks. The whole situation will be so miserable that you might not be able to overcome it.

Can you save it? Yes, you can, through listening.

When do you know it’s beyond saving? When you stop caring!

First, you act like you care and start speaking to have the control of the situation but no empathy. You terrify yourself to imagine your future with half-empty glasses. You punch yourself through hours to see whether your partner would respond. You build your walls high with each interaction in the form of the cold war. You react. You fight. You cry. You take every single turn and roadway to show that you care. Obviously, you do care but unfortunately, you don’t focus on the right person – that’s you. You do not introspect. Ultimately upon seeing no progress, you give up. You stop caring.

Yesterday Love – You love but you can’t live together.

Yesterday Love – A Film by Shivesh Ranjan (with English Subtitles)

That’s where my recently released short film tries to hit. Watch it and feel free to say anything. Please do share if you love the film – we need it.

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