Nirali My Daughter – A Hindi Monologue by Shivesh Ranjan

Nirali Meri Beti – A Monologue by Shivesh Ranjan

Watch me perform a 10-min monologue Nirali Meri Beti which is a devised story developed by me.

This is a story told by an unmarried father sharing his memories of his adopted daughter Nirali.

While we traverse through the digital age, the crime (molestation, rape and brutal murder) against the underage girls has drastically been increased (or reported more nowadays).
The trust between humans has been so low that anyone interacting with a kid looks like a potential pedophile. We are bound to discard the innocence and love.

This monologue is an attempt to showcase the same innocence and love while exploring the joy of fatherhood for a girl child.

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adopteddaughter❤️ #unmarriedfather

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