Cargo (2020) – Hindi Sci-Fi Film – A Quick Brief View

How happy it is for me to write the term Hindi Sci-Fi Film. We were deprived of this genre for so long in Bollywood.

Cargo must be taken as an exemplary movie for the lesson on how to make a sci-fi film. The short answer – Focus on the story, not on grandness or out of the world plot (or idea).

This movie takes its good time to let us interact with the idea (the world of the story) through its set-design, small but important expositions, the characters (Two leads share most of the screen-time) and situational but silent humour. This film’s unrushed approach is the strength of the story which is nicely blended with occasional music, beautiful frames and some simple but effective visual effects. Do watch it for Vikrant Massey and Shweta Tripathi’s heart-warming performances.

Just open your Netflix app, click on the movie and they will let you in! 🙂

For me, the film should have served a little bigger story but I feel this way because, I believe, I watched a lot of sci-fi movie. Also, Yuvishka’s (Shweta Tripathi) loss of power is not convincing enough.

PS: Yes, the idea is already used in After Life, Beetlejuice, etc film but the story is entirely different. It’s an original film.

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