In The Mood for Seeking Human Connection

Flash bomb — Flash bomb – Flash bomb, And there is a hoggish fog or smoke out there to take you in, make you invisible and let you sink in peace. That’s what we want – peace. Peace from the job, peace from politics, peace from social commentary, peace from all the things happening out there and peace from people… un.. huh… People. Well, it’s not like we do not want to be in the bubble of conversations – that’s what happens when we think, right; at least, in cartoons? We don’t suddenly want to burst it all open. It’s an intimate thing and should be told carefully to who and where. So, we close it and write some random or non-random small-talk sentences over the chats. Because, you know, it’s easy to type it whenever we want, run by our brain and fingers speed, cut it short with repeated emojis (there’s a bad movie of the same name) and it’s all behind the screen with your old/new/no DP so that we feel safe (for sure) and undisturbed – this is important for us, for all of us. We do not want to be disturbed.

Trust me, I know Peace which you can replace it with more sophisticated words like solitude, lone wolf/warrior, introvert (however, it’s a wider term). Almost recently, since the frequent use of words like lockdown, pandemic and quarantine have pushed us into forced isolation which many were never comfortable with, I was asked how I cope with such indefinite alone time in a single room with no roommates and no office jobs. And I assured them that I have been practising to live through isolation before 2020. The lockdown and unlock phases are just the same with 1 or 2 additional restrictions. And yes, once you crossed the first hard phase, you enjoy living alone and can’t share with anyone. I understand that. Wait… there is a ‘but’. There is always a ‘but’.

But we seem to enjoy it too much that we give up the real conversation.

It’s like we are enrolling a six-month course to un-remember talking to real people and since we have all the news, information, entertainment on our fingertips, we don’t need humans anymore. We punch our alarm on our phones in the morning just to wake up in flashes of notifications. There, right there, we look adorable – don’t trust – click a selfie while finding yourself going through notifications. However, some people are one step ahead as they are ‘aware’ of the bad effect of social-media dilemma and kudos to them but, despite that, they don’t go and talk to real humans and even if they do, they don’t know how to engage themselves in a long conversation.

Don’t get me wrong. I am quite supportive of social media chats to exchange information and develop similar-dissimilar interests but for the long conversations, do pinch (not digitally but literally) other humans.

As for me, I am going to un-silent my phone for calls and messages after almost 3 months; it was on vibration mode with most of the notifications off. Huh… I forgot what ringtone I had set for the call and messages! Usually, my day is passed without uttering a single word. It’s not like I don’t want to make effort; I try to call someone every day. Some call back, some don’t. I will continue trying, because I like hearing voices – new, old, soft, strange, giggling, professional, deep and oh-shut-up voices and for no reason, no reason whatsoever.

I am sure you have a lot of opinions about this practice and alternative suggestions. Do share over the comment sections, messages, call or in-person (with necessary precautions due to covid-time).

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