The Pathos of Being Empathetic

A moment of silence. An eruption of singular music creeps into my (your) ear like raindrops falling on the leaves and I (you) feel gay. The mind creates the sense of disillusionment about time and space and it lets me (you) slip into the rainbow of love, passion, magic, colour and rhythm. That’s when I (you) could believe and literally see all the philosophies, symbolisms, proverbs & metaphors of life that has been said or will be written in the future. My (Your) eyes are closed. My (Your) body floats in the breeze perfumed by marigold garden and it imbibes all the air. It resonates with a single note melody and sometimes, hums in consonants. There is no space for loud vowels or rude burst in printed calligraphy. My (Your) soul is luminous with a hint of promiscuousness and it flickers every now and then. When I (You) open my (your) eyes I (You) discover a sense in the delusional world.

I am (You are)

Sentimental, sensitive, dramatic, emotional, driven by feelings, touchy, gooey, tender

Are these just some synonyms at best? Probably, but these are also words that are used to describe a person, a person – Me and You – not everyone.

I (You) get a small lesion; my (your) eyes drop a tear. I (You) get a hug from any person; my (your) howl of joy turns my (your) face into an adorable puppy. I (You) receive a letter (even an email) from someone; I (You) read it for at least 7 times. Despite my (your) hardest effort, I (you) cannot stop weeping even in the smallest gesture of love or care and tragic events in the movies or books; it doesn’t matter how incredibly or unimaginatively they show it. In fact, nowadays, I (you) hear a real story and any personal tragedy my (your) eyelids tremble in order to dry out the tears.

For some, I am (you are)


But I believe I am (You are)


Tell me who I am

Tell me who you are…

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