Drunk-Call Buddy

I was making a mug of coffee, stirring it after dropping 2 full-spoons of sugar and I realized that I do not have a drunk-call buddy. What’s a drunk-call buddy?

A buddy you call after finishing some pegs of whisky or cans of beer and tell him/her your dreams and say something like, “Buddy, let’s do this…..”

Before you start thinking about your buddy, I ought to tell you that I was two cans of beer down (not much for calling a person drunk) and just finished watching (repeated) Ed Wood made by Tim Burton. It was flawless and quite engaging. While writing this, I felt like experiencing a déjà vu.

Anyway, I want to make sense of this post but I don’t want to. Let’s leave it at this line –

Find your drunk-call buddy to whom you can call any time and tell your dreams.

Wait for my excitement on a blog about i’m thinking of ending things

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