i’m thinking of ending things – A Sweet & Sour Life Tale

It is almost normal for me to reach out to my bed lying and not fall asleep. However, it’s annoying every time it happens. The night of Wednesday was no exception. As the clock read 2:20 something, I, like every other time, pulled out my phone to watch something on Netflix (you know, for me, it’s always more than entertainment). I caught the movie i’m thinking of ending things with 15 minutes already into it. I thought of resuming it. By the end of the film, my room light was switched on, the laptop is on. Once the film is finished I looked for the epub version of the book to read and bought the audiobook on Audible. By today morning, I am already halfway into the novel.

i’m thinking of ending things

The movie was confusing yet intriguing and in a few minutes, when I understood the film (not fully) I realised it is therapeutic exactly like Jake says to Young Woman or rather, she told that Jake said but whether he did or not, that’s uncertain.

Enough with the background; let me talk a little about the movie now.

i’m thinking of ending things is written and directed by Charlie Kaufman – the same person who wrote movies like Adaptation, Being John Malkovich, Synecdoche New York, Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind and Anomalisa (Stop-Motion animation film). The film starts with a narration by a woman who is in a car with her boyfriend to see his parents. As the story progresses, it opens up to specific but somewhat unimaginable perspective through the eclectic and beautiful cinematography (thanks to the colourful but puzzling production design), non-traditional editing and literary sense of talk between characters.

i’m thinking of ending things

How is it confusing but yet cherishing enough to encourage the audience to watch it for the second time? – The film showcases only four characters for most of its run time but the synchronous appearance of the aged version of characters and the dubious existence of a character through behaviours and objects placed are shown seamlessly. It will linger in your mind to make you think while following the story without tiring your mind. This has been achieved through its cinematography and editing. As you pleasurably walking through the story, there are certain intercut scenes and interactions to tell the effect of the film & media consumption by us (consumers); It sounds hard-to-decipher movie but there is certain nostalgia you can experience.

i’m thinking of ending things – I want to but can’t without mentioning Toni Collette as Mother and David Thewlis as Father along with lead pair Jesse Plemons and Jessie Buckley. Their performances were extremely meticulous – right on dot to pull off the calculative screenplay by Charlie Kaufman. The movie is based on the book of the same name written by Iain Reid. Charlie has, since I’ve already finished half the novel, given some interesting turn without losing the main plot of the book and added some of his dark and awkward sense of humour into it.

Okay, i’m thinking of ending things but you go to Netflix and check this masterpiece out if any of my descriptions grabs your attention. I, on the other hand, will first finish the novel, which is by far a smooth read, and re-watch the film. Okay, chop, chop… Carry on. i’m thinking of ending things here.

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