Allowing Affection

I was in a café, my friend owns, sitting quietly and waiting for my coffee. It was in the middle of the spring season just after my birthday and the hectic 2-days shoot. I only wanted to sit in silence and have my coffee in the evening. At that moment, Bengaluru Spring brought a quick rain to amuse me and I, like an affectionate lover, view raindrops hitting the flat surface of the stairs just outside the glass door. The atmosphere turned coldish filled with a crackling sound of the rain, surprisingly no rush at the road, no non-rhythmic series of haste. It was as if the music is about to be turned on and I am waiting – Probably for some single sheet of music of, since my friend introduced a new instrument name to me, Ukulele (I still can’t pronounce it right).

I didn’t want to speak even in my best friend’s apartment. All his flat-mates, who apparently had a different image of me due to my last interaction with them – the person who can crack a joke at any moment – found out the introvert in me. Bringing such a contented characteristic within myself or, should I say, going back to my usual self enhances my ability to perceive and absorb the happenings around me. In fact, it talks to me in pictures and sounds. My senses along with the right brain become highly active. It’s addictive, saves a lot of energy and, I realized, it is therapeutic.

I could zoom-in to the face of a kid lying on a lady’s lap in a running auto with just one glance.

A could-be-a-couple takes a stroll on a road when their hands are locked in each other’s palm, neither swinging nor tightening.

I overheard a girl saying to a boy, “I am impulsive like this…” while my peripheral vision has already made a sketch of them where and how they are standing.

I gaze at a cup of coffee or Kothu Parotta with a beef fry and Raita while the words on my Kindle notepad are waiting to be whispered.

You walk on a street at the end of the spring season and it welcomes you with a literal rain of leaves and flowers – that is one of the advantages of living in Bengaluru. And the cuckoo doesn’t wait for your permission to ‘coo’.

You ring a bell, the door is opened and she asked smilingly by putting her mask on whether we can first go for a cup of tea outside.

Two fools are sitting in a restaurant silently, calm and relaxed – no hurry for the next line.

A lake of thoughts, music gains your trust a little, here’s The One who reads your lips before you utter.

You see your palm finding the lines too messy but unworried. Probably, it makes your luck stronger or the struggle harder.

Her grin was never so adorably childish when your palm softly kisses her left chin.

The madness of the two of you prevails while the breeze dances along with your laughter.

Sleeping together in each other’s arms like no one else exists in the world.

Sometimes I want to live in someone else’s dream; wander around, go on a date with her and try an ice cream then and there.

The fact is that we all desperately want to be loved but have twisted our senses and trapped into thousands of trickeries; they succumbed to be a failure in their relationship.

You make your hypothesis for who has a crush on you or you blink too much whenever your crush greets but you never speak your mind. You tingle your brain for one scope of mingling. Too many movies, lots of crying but (or, pretend to) enjoy the joke on how silly it is for two love-birds, romancing.

It’s like trying to decide which fruit slice you want to have for the last bite while finishing the fruit bowl – an apple, the likes of banana, tasteless papaya, watery watermelon or an innocent date which you have been saving from the very beginning.

Let’s not chase ourselves too much. Breathe your desire, giggle at your own silly jokes, pester with praises, check up on the one you hate to love, read the footnotes, write your own fantasies, Keep looking for sugar and biscuits, do not mind the loud gossips, play and hit friendly, widen your eyes in too much amazement, blush red whenever someone found out, grin shamelessly, eat till your burp and run, run full throttle, run wholeheartedly and let the world watch that you are in love.

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