A Snow-Whitey, Quick-Gun Makkhi Review of Foursome with Happy Ending

As the curtain (there was none) falls, the director comes on the stage and apologizes, on behalf of his cast, for their bad singing. Yes, he did it. Even the actors wanted to apologize but they were too excited and not at all obligated to do it; that’s why the director did it.

But the question is, was it needed? Probably not, if they are not trying to be intellectual or to make it a satirical masterpiece!

If, at all, there is confusion here; let me make it clear – the director apologized with a poker face meant to be as a joke.

May be an illustration of brick wall and text that says "ക BHANDU Lahe April 3rd & 4th 4 & & 7pm @ Lahe Lahe, Lahe Indiranagar presents April 10th 4pm & 7pm JP Nagar Vyoma, WAITING FOR COFFEE FOURSOME Four Times The play Written And Directed By Prithesh Bhandary Assistant Director Laban P ALERT ALERT ALERT ALERT PEACEATTAINED PEACE Mimm"

Foursome is a plain comedy incorporating three mad Bingos and one social-commentary skits. And it works for the same reason any kind of comedy works:

  • Energy and timings of all the actors
  • Their coordination with many good & simple enough blockings and dialogue deliveries
  • Relevant jokes with the masala of traditional jokes
  • The use of fourth-wall break not for the sake of it but to literally engage the audience
  • And, the joy to make use of loopholes and lousy moment of the stories

It takes lots of practice to get that rhythm and it is reflecting in the team’s performance. Where it lacks (which is not a big problem) is:

  • The finesse part of it – the cleanness in the fourth skit, especially must go a swalpa (little) slow.
  • And, the social commentary section where the acting has to go deeper than it was performed with the use of light; The entire play has a plain light which definitely works for a fast-paced and engaging comic play. But still, there can be some experimentation with lights.

Having said that Foursome is a good play with lots of laughs ‘within your mask’ and worth a watch for some intelligent and genuine comedy.

PS: To understand the mystery behind the title, you must watch the play whenever it happens again.

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