Interfere – A Vertical Frame Short, A Rare Experiment

Let’s start with some public opinions for the short

Nice one | Well done | Wonderful performance | Outstanding | Unique | Different | Watched really good film after such a long time | Beautiful actors | Creative | Good Camerawork

Interfere – A Husband Wife’s Relationship Story | Shot Vertically

Nothing against such admirations and encouragements – obviously, the storytelling is gripping with wonderful performances and the tight screenplay – but the audience either overlooked or forgot to register










in their praise. Why it should be regarded bigger than all the aspects of the film? Two reasons:

1) Vertical Frame movie is a rare experiment today despite we live in the world of Insta and tik-tok culture.

2) It creates a tighter and more compact frame (images) that directs our eyes to focus on the action happening in the middle. It suits the story.

When the audience eyes are fixed, this film has similar aspects what a great film must have:

  • Intense performances with deeper characters that are shown directly in middle of their ruckus with no long distracting back-stories
  • Thrilling music (although, not unique but it fits for the premise) and the optimal use of chatbox
  • The use of pan and zoom-in and zoom-out instead of cuts to keep momentum going

Overall, a good 14+ minutes tale that will feel like a minute or so. PS: In 2020, Damien Chazelle (Whiplash and La La Land famed director) has come up with the vertical frame short experiment. You can watch it on YouTube.

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