What Cinema Bandi Teaches Us About Filmmaking

I am obviously not talking about the written message the film gives at the very end:

“Everyone is a filmmaker at heart.” However, it’s true.

But what Cinema Bandi conveys effectively for all filmmakers and artists, especially the beginners, is

“Do not underestimate the power of creation for intellectualizing things.”

Cinema Bandi is a Telugu film released on Netflix that revolves around an auto rickshaw driver who finds an expensive cinema camera leading him to dream of making a feature with the help of his amateur photographer friend.

The film well balances the innocence of amateurish attempt, first-time filmmaking troubles & mishaps and the wishful dream. While we are often amused on the characters’ silly actions in their filmmaking process, it will surely remind all the filmmakers (artists) of their first creation and their stupid blunders and friends they made during the process.

Today, with the enormous amount of learning videos and tutorials on the internet, we are becoming more knowledgeable but less action-oriented animals who keep brooding over the techniques, philosophy and the unique style. We often forget that

We, as an artist, while creating our art-form are in the discovery of ourselves.

In order to achieve it, we must create, create, improve, create, create, improve, create….

The day you could reflect your personality and thoughts through your art while evolving yourself as human, you become a true artist.

As you understood by now that this blog-post is not a review of the movie Cinema Bandi but I highly recommend watching it if you enjoy situational comedy and believe in small dreams that feel unachievable.

At the end, throwing a question at you

What will you do if you find a cinematic camera with all necessary lenses and tools?

Let me know in the comment or write to me at shiveshranjan7@gmail.com Also, if you are interested to invest in a feature film or collaborate as a film crew or cast, write to me at randomsimiletalkies@gmail.com

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