An Ad-Free Romance

Dear Lover,

Music encapsulates conundrums and the magic of love that reverberates with silence and conscience in chaos. Nobody sings a song; it’s an instrumental piece glamouring on the ‘intelligence’ of today’s human species. We would like to believe we’ve deciphered each note and we behave like one, as per our desire, to capture and experience the existence of love or rather, must be called a commodity. And,

We sell

We buy

We exchange for something else that is useful to us

We experiment – Similar and Different – We choose – the power is in our finger.

We try ‘it’ out, surprisingly dedicated to more than one in every incident, meet, talk, gesture, smile, laugh, kiss, cuddle, physical urge, gift, hand-holding and the goodbye with them.

We, Business

How romantic does that sound? At least, our existing senses are heightened. We feel it might be love, what we are looking for or is it our loneliness we fight to come out of? No matter whatever the case, in some time or at the end, we are sold and bought at the same time – ready to use and we are happy. That’s what matters, nothing else.

Sounds awful or nihilistic or deliberately negative? And if you think a little deeper, you might want to call me “Stupid”.

This stupid person falls in love just like that, because he sees you, accepts you and stays beside you, most probably, forever.

Yours and only yours!

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