The Spirit of An Artist

From the last 2-3 years, whenever I come across an artist who seems to have lost all hopes, there is an itch inside of me to hold their hand and tell,

“It’s not over, yet. You can still lift yourself up.”

It doesn’t matter where they are whether in the internet, over the call, or right in front of me. Now when I think about why, I feel I see some part of me in them. Ahan, it’s purely selfish.

I could sense their every second struggle, more than that, fight with their family/relatives, finances, society, the industry’s unreliable structure, and, most prominent, with themselves. Because I fight it too every day, every minute and it gets harder and harder every day as your age decays into oblivion. They have no idea where those years have gone and they often wonder if it was worth it.

The most difficult thing for an artist to do is to keep coming with new creation without enough recognition (audience) and appreciation (a round of applause). But we continue creating it over and over with improvement in our thoughts, works and soul. We need to keep learning (it’s not just for the artist), gain more knowledge, be emotionally engaged ourselves into various art-forms (literature, painting, movies, plays, dance, music, etc) to get inspiration or push ideas into our subconscious mind that helps develop intuition.

3 years back, one person (who was 10 years younger than me) asked me how long it takes for an artist to make it – ‘To Make It’. And I had only one real answer – A lifetime.

Don’t come in unless you’ve decided to dedicate yourself in it for the lifetime.

Something changed in me in these years; I have become more patient, calmer, more rational and probably getting into stoicism which is funny and ironic because I am someone who can be emotional quite easily. Suddenly, people apart from my best friends started trusting me a little more than expected. I have listened to so many artists, lost souls, and people suffering from depression. Most of them have shared their struggles, fears and secrets. Probably, because I listen, and I reciprocate and respond only when they need it (ask for it) or, because I am a total stranger to some of them.

Anyway, here’s what I understood in this journey so far

The journey of an artist is to have a deeper understanding of self and direct ourselves towards becoming more human.

It’s true, at least, for me.

PS: As an artist, whenever you feel low do not look for positivity outside, Create Art. You will be surprised how it lifts up your spirit, just like that.

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