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Shivesh Ranjan – Creative Writer, Theatre Artist and Filmmaker

Many times, people in my friend list are either confused or unaware about my work. I now realized that it can affect my social media interaction and creative career wind. So, here I am describing Who is Shivesh and What he does.

Who is Shivesh?

Shivesh was just another kid (now, considering himself an adult) in your neighbourhood who still feels dumbfounded looking at the sky. He was (not, is) good in studies but since his school days, he is overly-enthusiastic about extra curriculum activities from cricket, kabbaddi, football, local games to painting, poetry writing, story reading and taking part in plays. Make no mistakes, he too has been the victim of bullying and at the disadvantageous side due to jealousy and assumption of him being egotistic. He still faces such situations.

While doing all these with many turnaround events in his life, he became an engineer. The entire family (even the village to some extent) was so proud of me until the day, when my ‘intellectual’ and photographically-enabled mind decided to take a leap of faith on beyond-the-limit imagination and chose an unconventional (for the small town people) route of becoming a writer.

On 2nd April 2014 almost around 1 pm, I decided to leave my mechanical engineering job and create a new life as a Writer. It was not an easy journey and I am still struggling. But at least, those painful sleepless nights turned into satisfying sleepless nights.

And then, life went in fast forward pace wherein he could explore an actor in him with a theatre group and read film-making skills.

Now, he is a creative writer with a little marketing knowledge, a blogger, story & poetry writer, a theatre artist (including mime-acting and clown with more than 70 stage shows) and a filmmaker (completed his first short film).

Among friends, he is often known as an encyclopedia of mainstream cinema. While developing these skills, his chances of travelling to his hometown and spend with his family were only a few; because of several reasons like financial instability, less support on my decision of becoming a writer in the initial years and sometimes, my ignorance.

What Shivesh Does?

In writing field apart from being a full-time creative writer, he maintains two blogs (Prose and Poetry). He also writes stories, research-based articles, script for video/street play/stage act and screenplay for film as a freelancer.

In Theatre, I have been part of mime acts, street plays and one act plays as a writer, actor and the director. I am a certified playback theatre artist with more than 75 shows. I am trained as a clown with 3 public theatre performances.

Recently, I have resumed filmmaking with an intention to become a full-time filmmaker that pushed to complete 3 short films till now. Right now, I am in the pre-production stage of my fourth short film.

Need content for your webpage/ blog/ social media pages

Need stories or poetry for your film, promotional videos or theatre plays

Need theatre-based training and workshop for corporate employees

Need consultant or assistance or director to complete your films

Then write to me at shiveshranjan7@gmail.com or call/message me at +91-8095876104

You can look at social media pages below and follow me.

Facebook, Keep Reading Keep Humming FB Page, Twitter, LinkedIn, InstagramQuora and YouTube

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