As far as I know I could never call myself a looser even till now I have no achievement to show. This poem would probably explain me much better:

Ah, sweet life with free fall!

I was hinged on a cliff

When I woke up in this clumsy rain,

Rooster’s crowing made me crazy

And I tried hard to hook off but all in vain!


My legs were whirling a lot,

Hands were waving up high to fly,

But these movements didn’t seem to fit in the plan,

I was bit frustrated and wanted to cry


Random clouds were passing across me,

Dreamy mirror was having all rainbows.

Suddenly monkey faced clowns appeared,

They faced me and untied the knots

I was scared and bit excited

After all free fall was not so easy thingy,

I shouted out loud in happiness,

Closed my eyes, fingers crossed, oh swingy!

These rains wouldn’t stop me,

Risk everywhere I reeled,

I chose this path to be mine.

Believe me I have no idea where I am heading

But it’s good to be in this breeze!

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