विश्लेषण: चुस्की नाटक की – बाइंडर

Note: For my English reader, pardon me for posting the article in the Hindi language as the play (I am reviewing) is in Hindi. It would make more sense to give the review in the same language. Tomorrow onward, the blog will be written in English. मुझे बहुत हैरानी होती है अगर किसी कला प्रस्तुति… Read More विश्लेषण: चुस्की नाटक की – बाइंडर

A Prison Show

I am still looking at the security seal clearly on my right arm. Of course, we talked about it a lot including everyone’s perspective about the day, clichés to dispel and the overall feeling on our 2 hours 50 minutes visit to the Central Jail which was surrounded by giant wall with iron forked wire… Read More A Prison Show