Art Appreciation

About one year back, I wrote this thought as a memory of my first performance in the sleeve of a Playback Artist. Here, today I am sharing this thought with some modifications: “There is a term called Art Appreciation; not as Art Criticism but real appreciation of art. We are looking for those people who can understand how much dedication, hard-work and time we… Read More Art Appreciation

A Pack of Potato Chips and a Life-Long Journey

In YT, we, as a responsible human being, try to create a space where everyone feels secure about their secrets. We build trust on each other and we open up. We share. It’s just as simple as that. I think that’s how we grow as mature ‘kid’ who has different view to see the world. We understand what it actually means when somebody says ‘Everything is going to be alright’ and we can feel both sides of the statement. We stabilize ourselves very easily, despite of ‘hotchpotch’ created by this rushed up society or us. We deal with the biggest challenges on-a-go and we become confident about our decisions.… Read More A Pack of Potato Chips and a Life-Long Journey