I have a dream

Dream is when I see a pretty girl on the bus and I start to imagine my whole day travelling different parts of the city with her.

Dream is when I watch a superhero movie and I wish I had those powers.

Weird Restaurant Names: Compelling or Repelling?

But on a serious note, one street-side fast food center is opened on a passage just behind my residential area. The name of this particular restaurant is ‘Hand Job’. Oh yes, I can understand your curiosity about what the logic behind this name would be. But believe me, I am as much curio as you are. Perhaps, someday I will go, order some rolls and check about the history behind this whole naming process. Oh my god, It just sounds odd!

Salman is Guilty: Should We Care?

From last night, this topic was trending across every social sites and nobody followed the news that just two days ago, Texas police shot dead 2 gunmen at exhibit of Prophet Mohammad cartoons. Nobody cared. Even I didn’t care. And why should they? After all, those gunmen killed 12 people in the Paris offices of French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in revenge for its cartoons. So, in Salman’s case, this exactly proves the point!