Weird Restaurant Names: Compelling or Repelling?

But on a serious note, one street-side fast food center is opened on a passage just behind my residential area. The name of this particular restaurant is ‘Hand Job’. Oh yes, I can understand your curiosity about what the logic behind this name would be. But believe me, I am as much curio as you are. Perhaps, someday I will go, order some rolls and check about the history behind this whole naming process. Oh my god, It just sounds odd!

IT Company Profiles: Keep it Simple

In my childhood, when I heard about the word ‘Innovation’ I used to imagine about something out of the world, a novel thing. But today, at every single small update in the products and they call it ‘Innovative’ and ‘Creative’. I know I sound like stupid and I am making a big deal out of it. But I can’t able to digest that the ‘Innovative’ word about which I was fascinated so much became so small in current world. It becomes a common keyword that anyone can use anywhere for anything.