I have a dream

Dream is when I see a pretty girl on the bus and I start to imagine my whole day travelling different parts of the city with her.

Dream is when I watch a superhero movie and I wish I had those powers.

#54 I Never Want Farewell

“From my school days I have been pursuing writing as a hobby. I carried it forward and gave even more depth to my capability to knit a story. From the last 4 years I was struggling to find a way to help me understand what I want. In this introspection, I considered multiple these including the fear of failing, expectation from friends-family, maintain respect in society where we live and getting enough money to pay your bills as well as to live luxurious life. I was stuck in this zone for so many years without even reaching to perfect solution. And do you know what happened? Someone told me to forget all the factors. Just thrash it, trash it and clear it from my mind. After that, suddenly it becomes so easy.”