What An Untalented Writer Has to Say?

With this quest on my mind, I dug deeper and deeper and deeper. At the core of this graveyard, I was still struggling to derive the definition of a writer. It was hard to realize that I, somehow began to give more importance to ‘Comparison’.

Close Your Eyes – Switch – Your World – A Kiss

I close my eyes, again. I am standing at the center of this signal where two roads are crossing each other. I can hear the shout for help, running foot whispers, scream for revolution, chants for freedom and mystical notes of singing clowns ‘Ha Ha Ha I lose… Ha Ha Ha I lose… Ha Ha Ha I lose’.

Last Year, I Found my Root

The last year begins with the champagne bottle opening in the silence with roar of bundle-some surprises from the future. I was on the way to change monotones of my life by putting more efforts to improve and reach for new comfort level. What surprised me was that I could say many things to a special friend that I always rooted inside my heart.